Project Description

Ketterer design

A personal brand project, where the creativity of the studio connects with the client. Shapes and colors are the connection and aesthetics are its center.

Ketterer design is a creative studio that makes fashion accessories, illustrations and branding taking references from pop culture and post-modern decoration of the 80s and 90s. Behind the Ketterer universe is Ana, a creative, meticulous and proactive professional.

Venezuelan by birth, she reflects the strength and passion for colors, shapes and accurate presentation in her projects. In Europe, her training: With a degree in Art History and a diploma in Visual Arts, she studied in Rome, Barcelona and Dublin, where she also developed her professional career in the international business and creative fields.

Problem statement: From the personal universe to a professional brand.

Ketterer design is a personal universe in which creative references of the designer’s life are reflected in her creations. It is not a coincidence, it is the passage of her life, of her family’s decisions to change the country, of the decades that mark the influences on her designs.

She was born in the 80s during the oil boom in her native Venezuela. The color, optimism, the vanguard of Op art design, the architecture of shopping centers and hotel complexes, eclipse the look in contrast to the smells and flavors of her childhood.

The monumental floor and walls of Maiquetía airport, created by the immortal and internationally recognized artist Carlos Cruz-Díez, set a benchmark in the designs of Ketterer accessories.

The arrival in Spain in the 90s with the rise of the feminine empowerment of Almodóvar’s films, where bolero, gazpacho, and prints impacted her in an implausible way.

Barcelona 92 marks a before and after in the city that she considers her home, being an international reference.

The famous illustrator Mariscal is one of her favorites along with Oscar Mariné, who is also a reference point for the posters of Almodóvar’s most famous films.

Closing the circuit of visual references, we place ourselves in Germany: Bauhaus

The family origin of her German surname was the final decision to choose KETTERER as the name of her branding and to know closely the Bauhaus school of architecture and design, the methodical character of his way of creating, and the functionality of his thoughts.

She defines herself as structure, color, and humor.