Project Description

Marinel·lo @ Partners Abogados

Problem statement:  Marinel-lo @ Partners Abogados wanted a specific corporate image based on the definition of a liquid company with refreshing colors that would distance them from the hierarchical structure of the common seen in the corporate identity of most law firms.

Moodboard and design system

5 colors that relate directly to the acronym SMART (Social, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate, Technology).

The strategy is the service tailored to the client, that’s why he chooses which color he prefers, this way they enter into a dynamic of trust and inclusiveness. The client is at the center.

The information architecture:

It is defined by the home page which analyzes the reason why it is a SMART office and its headlines and then divides it into the menu: about, its services, the team and the opportunities to work at

On the other hand, we decided that in all the pages of the website the contact will be found so that the client always has that information available and an exclusive tab for the accompaniment of startups as its objective of business strategy in the accompaniment of this professional sector.

We encountered certain problems in the copy that was very extensive and quadrupled by the four corporate languages: German, Spanish, Catalan and English of the partners of the law firm, and it was also a challenge to adapt to the international profile of their clients.